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Ustanova Fuzndacija Za Pomoc Otrokom
Ustanova Fuzndacija Za Pomoc Otrokom
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The Institution - Fundation to Help Children (Fundacija za pomoc otrokom) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental humanitarian organization, whose most important task is to help ill children and their families IN ENTIRE SLOVENIA.
Our key purpose is to help chronically or in any other way seriously and on a longterm basis ill children as well as those children with numerous unresearched diagnoses or who suffer the consequences of accidents and injuries as well as their families in entire Slovenia to live a better life. In serving this purpose it is as well our goal to help financially those children who have because of their illness found themselves in a financial and life emergency situation. Yet it is our foremost goal to cofinance or to finance entirely various medical treatments for these children (conventional as well as alternative) and the accompanying expenses and thus to offer them the chance to get healed and start living a life worth a human being. 

The management of The Fundation is comprised of respectable members, for we truly wish the money we receive from donors to use solely for these children, that is: to use it for their medical treatment (and we indeed do comply by this rule). The Fundation has no employees - that means that no person is receiving none fee whatsoever. We are acting entirely voluntarily and we cover from our own financial means a considerable portion of the operational expenses. We are different from other humanitarian and charitable societies, organizations and institutions in that we never reveal our results and we do not "brag" with our accomplishments for we do not want to reveal the identity of those persons who need our help! The very illness itself, the suffering and maybe the poverty have already ruined their life worth of a human being - that is why we try to avoid additional traumas (by revealing their identity to the public) and help the children anonymously. This is indeed no good advertising of The Foundation itself, but for those who are in need of help this is a certain degree of protection from reproach, mockery and stigmatization of the broader public.
But of course as a guarantee we allow all our donors an insight into the functioning of The Fundation - especially in its financial way of functioning. And because we are therefore never going to boast or commend ourselves we need this more the help of known and successful Slovenes, of small and big enterprises, the media, institutions - and of course YOU, who are maybe not even from Slovenia. 

In the name of the ill children we ask you to help us and to give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you in a positive light and to prove to you with our actions that we are worthy of Your help and trust. We are not big, but we are on the way to become so, for we are a foundation of a new age, which appreciates all kinds of help and opportunities these children are worthy of on their way to health - for they do not have the time to wait!

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