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Ustanova Fuzndacija Za Pomoc Otrokom
Ustanova Fuzndacija Za Pomoc Otrokom
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INSTITUTION - Foundation TO Help Children (Fundacija za pomoč otrokom)

The Fundation to Help Children (Ustanova - Fundacija za pomčc otrokom) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, which has been founded on the basis of The Act of foundation on the day of September 13th, 2001. It is registered in the evidence of Foundations at the Minister of Internal Affairs on November 15th, 2001. The Health Department gave its accordance under the reg. number 5000-12/01, which was published in the "Official paper of the Republic Slovenia" (Uradni list Republike Slovenije) 85/01. "Ustanova - Fundacija za pomoc otrokom" is registered as a caritative and humanitarian organization under the code 85.323 and is fulfilling its mission in the entire territory of The Republic Slovenia.
The initiative for the establishing of The Institution - Fundation to Help Children (Fundacija za pomoc otrokom) was given by parents of a longterm ill child with special needs, who have since the beginning of the illness of their child gathered a lot of experience in the mastering of different obstacles, which are inevitably and mercilessly put in the way of such parents and children. They have on their way during the medical treatment of their child met a lot of good people, but who unfortunately got lost amidst great trouble and harsh facts. They have lost everything - their health, occupation, money as well as their hope and their selfrespect.But instead of yielding themselves too in such a horrible situation and asking themselves why them, why their child, they rather found something good in it and suggested the establishing of The Fundation. They gathered people of same worldviews with one single goal - to help ill children and make it possible for them to live a life worth of a human being! 


Ilirska cesta 1
SI-4270 Jesenice

TEL+386 2 653 7000
TEL+386 5 995 9000
FAX+386 2 653 7010
GSM+386 41 668 503

Web page:


Linhartova 6
SI-2000 Maribor

Basic data:

Tax number: SI54398681
Agreement of Ministry for health no. 5000-12/01, U.l.RS št. 85/01
Activity of charitable organizations - 85.323 

The international Bank account:

Bank account IBAN:SI56020920090588516
The name of the Bank: Nova Ljubljanska Banka d.d,
The adress of the Bank: Trg Republike 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
The beneficiary Account:0209 2009 0588 516




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